Trophy Elk Units In Colorado

trophy elk units in colorado. This is a fully furnished 5 day hunt (with option of hunting up to 9 days)1 on 1 guided with food and lodging. Archery and Muzzleloader Hunts. There are few things in hunting more exhilarating than the bugle of a mature bull elk on a crisp September morning, and fortunately, due to flexible dates, we are able to hunt these magnificent animals during the peak of the rut with a rifle or any weapon. This article will give you tips and advice to prepare for your You must choose your preferred unit but realize that many units regularly meet their quotas in Colorado, so have a backup unit. If the elk are not talkative which can happen off and on during the season for many seasons, we will resort to. The unit is at a lower elevation, generally below 9,000 feet, and vegetation is typical of that altitude—ponderosa pine, pinon pine, and expanses of juniper and oak brush. In a typical week of hunting we will see a lot of average 280-310″ 6 point bulls as we search for larger trophy elk. Caping & Quartering your trophy included. Gross 190-199: $1,500. Location: Colorado, United States. Our primary area is Colorado unit 61, as most of you know unit 61 is one of Colorado's most sought-after Trophy elk and deer units. 2322 W Industry Way. Elk Hunts with Colorado Outfitters. We have the best typical antlers bulls anywhere and we offer the best value on an extraordinary experience. Unit 1 and Unit 201 in the northwest corner of Colorado are known for their fabulous elk hunting. We also conduct Ranching for Wildlife Hunts in units 3, 4, 12, 13, 131 and 231 located in the Northwest corner of Colorado. See if that holds true as he finally draws a coveted public land limited entry elk license in Colorado after applying for 13 years. Trophy Bull Elk Hunts. HuntersTrailhead Featured Elk Hunt. 15421 Southwest 39th Terrace, Miami, FL 33185, USA. Is there a big population of elk in this unit the reason for all the seasons or just its a big unit?. Deer/Elk Combo $11,500. Wyoming elk hunters have a wide range of options. net: Frazier Outfitting-- If you're looking to go on a great Colorado elk hunt, we've got it. There are four moments common to any true Colorado elk hunt. Our success rate has been 100% over the past 15 years. Here at Majestic Trophy Outfitters We believe in a quaility hunt that doesnt break the bank! We operate in North Western Colorado on Private Land as well as our National Forest Permit in game units 3/301 11, 12, 13, 23, and 24. Mike's cabin was built in 1907 by his grandfather and is located on 13,000 acres of private land on Glade Park (unit 40) about 25 miles southwest of beautiful Grand Junction, Colorado. This unit spreads across the counties of La Plata and San Juan. #1 Online Elk Hunting Resource Since 1996 The Hunt >. Wi-Fi for your Convenience. you will need it. Our trophy elk hunts are on bulls ranging from 271 to nearly 600 points (all bulls are scored by Safari Club International criteria) these trophy hunts start at $6500 and go up from there. TROPHY ELK HUNTS in Colorado for huge typical Elk on BULL BASIN Ranch in the beautiful Cimarron Mountains. Colorado Unit 214 Elk Hunt Private Ranch 1800 Private Acres , Clark , Colorado. Our median elevation is 8700 feet and up to 10,000 feet. This TROPHY DEER HUNT takes place on private lands in a unit that requires either (a) several preference points to draw, or (b) the purchase of a landowner voucher ($4500-$7500) valid for the unit. Colorado has long been known as the elk hunting capital of the West, but did you know that Colorado also has world class antelope hunting as well? Every Colorado guided antelope hunt is completely custom and planned years in advance. We are proud to make this great unit the heart of our operation. Click on the detail link next to each unit name to be taken to that units specific page. Electric & Gas powered Transportation. AFFORDABLE all SELF-GUIDED ELK, DEER, AND BEAR HUNTING. Hunters will target 170+ class bucks with a chance to possibly get a shot at a 190+ class monster deer. Saddle and pack horses are used to get you and your gear. Learn everything about hunting Colorado Elk Unit 76. There are no rifle hunts in this unit, making it an awesome trophy unit for archery and black powder hunters. There is no greater place for elk hunting in Colorado and our guided elk hunts Colorado just elevate the experience. Picture Gallery Ranch with 2275+/- deeded acres is a true mountain diamond situated in the beautiful higher alpine elevations. by Tysha Bentley. Mail-in entries must be handwritten in black ink. There's a good opportunity to tag a trophy bull elk on any of the game management units as long as you put in the time and effort. Tess Rousey. Our outfitter secures landowner tags and that cost, all Point creep in many states has made the potential to hunt trophy class elk a very tough proposition. We offer fully guided hunts set in the Colorado backcountry as well as drop camps for experienced hunters who want to go on their own. Contact us if you need more specific instructions. Colorado unit 211 elk hunting [email protected] [email protected]. GMU 65 - Gunnison, Hinsdale, Montrose, and Ouray Counties. Trophy Elk Hunting. I am booking my first bow elk hunt for fall 2019. The tag from what i understand is good for 4,5 and a couple others. Each elk hunt is on private ranches in-unit 42/421. Colorado Antelope Hunting in Units 68, Unit 79, Unit 80 Unit 81. goHUNT's hit list units for trophy Colorado elk in 2016. Trophy elk hunts. Big Game Management Unit 40, located on Glade Park, just a short drive south from Grand Junction, in Western Colorado. Elk Hunting: Rifle Elk Lodge Hunts This is a full service guided hunt with meals and lodging included. It is 3rd rifle season otc elk tag. But on a good year, this unit can produce a giant bull. Plus, the opportunity exists to draw tags that you can pick up for minimum points in certain units. 3 day Guided Cow Elk. Dinosaur National Monument is closed to all hunting. Call Kent (801) 562-1802 or email: [email protected] I've hunted antelope on private land close by and most of the water is on private land. Transporting your trophy to taxidermist and meat processor included. There are very few places in Colorado that have and hold true trophy bull elk but unit 2 and 201 are consistent in producing some of the largest bulls in the state each year. Like Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain National Park holds a large population of elk and some of the bulls grow to true trophy quality. 2275 Acres 1 Bedroom 2 Bathrooms 4 Garages 2007 Year Built. Season: Colorado Elk Seasons. Our elk hunts offer 3 different options depending on what kind of experience you are looking for. To learn more about New Mexico's primitive weapon units and why we love them so much, see our previous article. Colorado Elk Unit 201 Points Biggamecd Youtube. These tables are just to help you get started with the selection process. Unit 62 is one of the largest game management units in Colorado. Come hunt unit 76 with us. GMU's (Game Management Units) - 6/16/17/171. For Midwestern deer hunters, a Colorado bull elk is still the most accessible and coveted trophy of all. Unit 61 has the best bull to cow ratio of all the units we hunt. If the thought of a trophy class bull elk, mule deer buck or a mature antelope buck in your cross-hairs excites you, then book your next hunt at the lower ranch. National forest hunts – remote base camp, and access by truck, wheelers, or horses. Colorado elk camp is a hunting outfitter that offers a chance to bag several types of big game including elk & mule deer! Best Elk Units in Idaho Unit 54 Trophy Elk Hunt My The hunting colorado elk unit 13 is typically classified as land that covers just about 363 square miles. Click on the following link to learn more about unit 61 and what Elk hunting opportunities we have available to you there. And more than one person has taken a trek to Colorado to see how they can fare. Colorado OTC Elk units (rifle & archery) ranked by total elk harvested and by hunter success for last three season (2017 - 2019) to choose a hunt for 2021. Colorado, a Packin, DIY/Semi-Guided hunt, meals and lodging with the outfitter for tips and honey holes, buy you go out with your own elk skill and knowledge to hit those honey holes, with Elk Pack-in. I just did a 2nd season rifle elk hunt in a unit with 28% odds and never saw an elk on public land. Elk Hunting Location. Our Buena Vista Colorado trophy elk hunts are conducted primarily in Units 481 and 49. We are now offering quality guided Elk and Mule Deer Hunts in Colorado Game Management Unit 76 Unit 76 is one of the units managed by CDOW for older age class trophy animals. I am planning an elk hunt next year in Colorado and I wanted to know if hunting Gunnison National Forest near Needle Lake is still a. What is the deal with this unit there are 5 or 6 rifle seasons and muzzleloader and archery seasons. The same goes for some stuff east of Pueblo. We specialize in trophy elk hunts and also offer great hunting for deer, antelope, bighorn sheep and moose. Attn: Colorado Unit 61 Trophy Elk Hunt and Premium Lodging. Outdoor Adventures Worldwide Colorado Elk Unit 41. Unit 40 produces trophy class bulls every year in the 300. Rocky Mountain Outfitters of Colorado offers premier guided elk hunts. Twisted Tine Outfitters is permitted to hunt the BLM and some private ranches within the unit. Unit 40 in Western Colorado is one of a select few units in the state managed to produce “trophy” bull elk. Archery hunts starting at only $1,595. Cotton Mesa Trophy Elk Ranch North America's Premier High Fenced Elk Hunting Destination Located in the Mesa Country of Southeastern Colorado, Cotton Mesa Ranch stretches 10,000 acres of prime elk habitat, providing each and every hunter the experience of a lifetime, guaranteed. New Mexico elk units 13, 15 and 17 are primitive weapon only elk units, offering bow hunts and muzzleloader hunts. Specializing in Elk/Mule Deer/ Bear/ Antelope and Turkey there is always something for everyone. These grasslands are an excellent habitat for the buffalo and has been home to them for hundreds of years. Corey Jacobsen from Elk101. Our success rate has been historically over 80%. · Find the Best Colorado OTC Elk Hunting Units Colorado has the largest elk herd in the country. BULL BASIN RANCH HIGH FENCH ELK HUNTING OFFERS THE FINEST EXPERIENCE IN ALL OF NORTH AMERICA FOR A TROPHY ELK HUNT THAT NO OTHER RANCH CAN. Option to Euro mount your trophy for free. GMU 20 is considered a "quality elk unit" in Colorado's limited draw system. Best harvest success rates for third rifle OTC hunts in Colorado in 2019 (With at least 10% public land) Units: Trophy potential: Harvest success: Bull:cow ratio: Public land % 13: 280"+ 32%: 26:100: 23. 100% Free Range Hunts. ElkQuest offers the BEST trophy bull elk hunting. Bull had some amazing time length with incredible 21 inch 3rds. Our unit was unseasonable warm and dry for spring and summer and it pushed the. For every 1. It is one of the best opportunity states for putting good elk tags in your pocket every few years and hunting more often. Hunts are around the borders of the park as the elk move in and out. This elk herd is managed for a bull/cow ratio of 45/100. Colorado Trophy Elk Hunt Homestead Ranch. About 85 percent of the land here has been publicized. 4 Issue of Outdoor Life. In general for deer, elk and bear hunting archery season starts in early. Regardless of the season hunters can expect to target bulls in the 320-340 range with bulls up to 370 coming out of this area every year. 2022 ELK HUNTS. 1 bulls in this area, there are 5 cows. CJ Outfitters is a premier Colorado Outfitter and Guide offering trophy elk, deer, and pronghorn hunts on 4 of Colorado?s top trophy areas. Maximum of 4-6 Deer and Elk hunters per lease, only one group per lease, per each of the five hunting seasons. 1-on-1 Guide Service. Many hunters harvested older age class animals in 2015. 6%) of all Bull Elk Harvest (2nd Season OTC Rifle) came from 23 of the 92 hunt units and it also allowed me to include unit 86 which ranks in the top 20 for hunter success. You will have a great opportunity to see a lot of elk and a very good chance to pull the trigger on a bull of a lifetime. From $3,495. Posted on October 15, 2019 by Eugene Buchanan. Big Country Outfitters have prime hunting country in units 79, and 80 near Creede and South Fork Colorado. Some of the largest elk in the state are taken out of units 104 and 105 but they are all on private land. I just had a second rifle elk season land voucher come available to hunt trophy unit 61 in Colorado. and modern cabin $1400 each in unit 15, Campers Welcome. Over-the-counter elk licenses are available for archery, 2nd rifle and 3rd rifle seasons. This area is vast and the elk densities are low, so this can be like hunting for a needle in a haystack. Guided only. 2%: 214: 270"+ 26%. Hunt for Trophy Bull Elks at Walker Ranch in one of the best Elk units for Trophy Bull Elk. I've been hunting Colorado elk on OTC and Leftover tags for the past 4 seasons (2 in 75 and 2 in 11/12/231). Ranging from from sagebrush and scrub oak, to aspens and dark timber, this massive area is home to healthy populations of elk and mule deer. ) Black Bear $500 Kill Fee. This ranch's topography is mostly flat and has an ideal mix of juniper and pine trees, grass-filled meadows, and sagebrush draws, making it the perfect place for these trophy Elk to call home year-round. CWD has been detected in GMU 10. Come hunt the most sought after elk management units in the state of Colorado. Areas 2 and 201 in northwest Colorado offer much of the premier trophy elk to be found in the western USA. With a new. Morapos Creek is a popular and productive hunting area for big game, notably elk and deer. To Trev the number 13 has always been his lucky number. ElkQuest Elk Hunts are customized to your skill, physical ability & time frame. by mike (michigan ). Check out all the reasons why our hunts are so great and why those who come once tend to come back time and time. Elk Hunting in Colorado GMU 421 - Mesa and Garfield Counties You will need to get away from the roads. We specialize in guaranteed trophy bull elk and guaranteed cow elk hunts on our Rocky Mountain hunting preserve! All of our trophy hunters enjoy a once in a lifetime hunt with a 100% success rate. Although Elk hunting is not inexpensive, it is unforgettable, and to bag a trophy elk in Colorado is thrilling. A successful Colorado 2015 Trophy Unit 61, Second Rifle Bull ElkVisit our Website https://alloutoutfitters. That is why we took the time to compile a list of the best places to go elk hunting in Colorado. CS Trophy Deer & Elk Ranch is one of the most attainable, high-quality hunting properties to ever hit the market. You cannot go to Colorado Elk hunting if you don't have a Colorado hunting tag. There are a total of 90 different units in Colorado that hold an OTC elk hunt for 3rd season. Tags for all weapons, contact for price. Picture Gallery Ranch – Glade Park, CO Trophy Elk, Deer and much more!! Previous. [Elk rut in RMNP by Estes Park. Archery and firearms hunters in the top trophy units will both be hunting 300"-350" plus bulls while some of the easier to draw hunts provide opportunity to hunt bulls in the 250"-300" class, with a few 320" bulls around and often more elk numbers. The ranch boasts a unique and coveted +/- mile long border with the incredible Jicarilla Reservation in the very. Cost: $11,000 Per Hunter. Availability: Products come and go, new products take When we pick the top rated Trophy Elk Units In Colorado on the market, the products that got mostly negative ratings get filtered and discarded. Elk Hunting Guides & Outfitters in Colorado. Colorado Elk Hunts. This is an elk hunt that any hunter can do no matter what kind of shape you are in. NEW trophy elk and mule deer photos from the 2015 hunting season!. Trophy Elk and Deer Hunts, Bear and Cougar Hunts. Call or email for additional detail about available dates and cost. We offer full service guided trophy elk hunts at our Fowler Peak Camp. This allows for a long active rut. Moffat county hunting. BULL BASIN RANCH IS LOCATED IN THE BEAUTIFUL CIMMARON MOUNTAINS NEAR MONTROSE COLORADO. You cannot show up in Colorado and start hunting Elk without In general Colorado is divided into hunting areas called game management units. The "Trophy" Units. This is undoubtedly the best region in the state for producing giant Every hunts is conducted spot-and-stalk and focuses efforts on the trophy herd bull with the harem. For the optimum hunting experience you need Samuelson Outfitters LLC. Colorado Otc Elk Units Map Delaware County Township Map. Nathan and I are hunting in an over-the-­counter elk unit during the second rifle season, which is the elk-hunting equivalent of opening day of deer season in Wisconsin or maybe the dove opener in Texas. The Sandhills region of north central Nebraska is one of the largest grass-stabilized dunes areas in the world. Dan hunted hard with us and ended his hunt with a mile long stalk and a perfect shot to put this great trophy bull elk down. Little Creek Ranch Colorado offers 3 types of elk hunts, guided elk hunting, drop camp elk hunts, and guaranteed elk hunting. Direct offers from outfitters with a Best Price Guarantee. Dish Network for your pleasure. Find out how to read more stories from that issue here. Disclaimer: MuleyMadness. Unit 57 in New Mexico is primarily private land with game management plans in place that insure the future of these trophy animals. Guided Elk Hunting Prices - 5 Day Hunts. Unit 20 borders the unhunted, elk rich, 265,000 acre Rocky Mountain National Park on the park's east side. Let Raftopoulos Ranches host your dream elk hunt! TROPHY HUNTING - Elk, Mule Deer and Pronghorn Antelope. Western Colorado Private Lands. CO165E * Rocky Mountain National Park is in the western portion of Unit 20. Meeker 970-878-6090. There are far too many variables to determine a 'best' unit to try and plan this far ahead. 100% guaranteed elk hunts fully guided on the most beautiful elk hunting ranches in north America, 5 star luxury lodge, Gourmet meals, Wonderful- professional guides,and. Unit 40- Colorado Trophy Bull Elk. Call 1-800-755-8247. Low success rates and crowded public forests be damned. This ranch is located in GMU 10, which is one of the top trophy Elk units in the state of Colorado, and quite possibly, the world. Tags will take residents 20-25 points and non residents 23-26 points. For trophy bulls, Dion shared that the Wenaha Unit in northeast Oregon is most popular. Learn everything about hunting Colorado Elk Unit 53. Local Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife office. Muzzleloader First Rifle. Just a look at the photos below shows what he has been able to do for his clients. We also offer our services for trophy mule deer hunts in both of these units. These big bulls are under constant. But we are hunting private ground that is in eastern 4 and western 5. GO TO BOOKING PAGE FOR DATES. At RMOOC we give you a variety of opportunities for Colorado Elk Hunts. The area around Buckeye Reservoir can be a good spot to start. We offer private land Elk, Mule Deer , Pronghorn and Turkey hunts throughout various locations in the state of Colorado. Areas 2 and 201 in northwest Colorado offer much of the premier trophy elk to be found in the western USA. We offer a limited number of trophy bull elk and mule deer hunts in Colorado trophy units 2 and 10 (inquire for availability and prices). Guaranteed tags that do not affect your preference points, trespass permits for private ground, cabins and other options. Completely furnished cabins or lodges on most leases. However I'd like to also start building some preference points toward less crowded units where I can find a better hunting experience. Guided Elk Hunts. I am realistic and not looking for a trophy, just a good hunt for my son. Colorado has the largest elk herd in the country. • Trophy fees for bulls over 350 $1000 "Guided hunts only" • All are 5 day hunts, all on foot from our camp. (Trophy Fees DO NOT apply when Mule Deer is harvested on an UN-Guided Hunt) (Land Owner Mule Deer Tags available for all Units, for those who missed or were unsuccessful in draw. I havent checked on all the colorado rules and regs. This camp is located on the South Fork of the White River National Forest within the Flat Tops Wilderness Area, covering 235,000 acres. On a Colorado Elk Hunt, Any Legal Bull Is a Trophy. Trophy bull elk hunting in Units 2 and 201 in northwest Colorado. Guided Hunts in Colorado Units 61, 62 and 70 - Colorado Outfitter since 1966. All mail-in entries become the exclusive property of the. We offer both Guaranteed Elk Hunting on our private high fence preserve and free range, regular season elk hunting on private land leases. (Over-all Score: 97. Hunters will need a larger number of preference points to draw a hunting permit but can expect to have an opportunity at larger bulls than in most other Colorado units. I haven’t yet seen a trophy bull in Morapos Creek, but the area is nonetheless productive: more elk are harvested in GMU 12 than any other unit in the state. The best trophy bull elk and cow elk hunts unit in Colorado are at Unit 61, hunting on private property and in the Uncompahgre National Forest. Please add a "unit report" so that other hunters can learn from your scouting, success, or failures for a particular unit. Hunting prospects are generally very good. Ask any elk hunter worth his weight in lead what the top hunting units are in Colorado, and GMUs 1, 2, 10 and 201 in the far northwest corner of the state rise to the top of the list like smoke from a muzzleloader. As for what are the best trophy units in Colorado, according to the state's Parks & Wildlife Service, most 300+ point elk trophies come from GMU 2, 10, and 201. net/Connect with us on social media!Instagram http. State of CO Outfitter #112. Because of the extent of wilderness area in these units, elk find plenty of lush meadows for summer grazing. We are you your next Colorado Elk Hunting Guide if your looking for a real outdoor adventure at a reasonable price, this is the hunt for you. There are lots of legal bulls as the area is managed for quantity of bulls rather than trophy status. For a mail-in entry, you will receive five (5) entries into the individual Promotion indicated on your entry (3X5 piece of paper). Was looking at draw units in colorado for ones that dont take a ton of preference points and ran across unit 20. The big kicker… there are also 10 muzzleloader elk units you can draw 100% as a second choice. These elk can and will move to greener pastures if need be. Upload, livestream, and create your own videos, all in HD. Photo: mark byzewski] Elk are one of the most sought after big game animals you’ll be able to find in the United States. Colorado & new mexico trophy elk $8500. Colorado is not a state to try and chase down the best units for trophy elk hunts if you haven't been playing the game for close to 30 years. This ranch is the epitome of elk country and it has a. A Colorado bull elk is still the most accessible and coveted trophy of all. The ‘Trophy” Units: A big rack breakdown on GMUs 1, 2, 10 and 201. In this area, 9,700-foot Diamond Mountain is the highest point, dropping to 5,100 feet in elevation at the White River. Tremendous Elk habitat surrounds the camp site allowing hunters the opportunity to h. Trophy Colorado Bull Elk in Unit 2 hits the dirt yesterday! After a 2 day burst of winter weather the sun came out in day 3 and the bulls were screaming. As an elk guide, Chris has taken some of the top trophies out of units 1, 2, 10, and 201. outstanding colorado elk hunting property with huge trophy bull elk in game management unit 10 Elk hunting on the Blue Mountain Ranch is outstanding. Please visit our Photo Gallery for the excitement. All cow tags so far. Let Raftopoulos Ranches host your dream elk hunt! We are located in the northwest corner of Moffat County in Colorado. $11,000,000. We hunt in Colorado, Oklahoma & Kansas. Here are my top five: 1. Hunt at your own pace!. 3%: 211: 300"+ 27%: 26:100: 43. Each colorado hunting unit has a detailed information page. The low cost of licenses, large herds, and a really incredible make Colorado the. com makes no guarantee to the accuracy of the. GMU: 1, 2, 10, 201. B & B Trophy Hunts offers you the opportunity to hunt this magnificent animal on properties located in the Niobrara River. Colorado GMU 10 is known as perhaps the very best unit in the state to harvest a trophy bull, with hunters waiting up to 20 years or more to draw a tag. The terrain encountered on this hunt will vary greatly depending on the season hunted. A quick look on INSIDER and of the 129 units that have muzzleloader elk hunts, there are 39 units you can draw 100% with 0 points. Bordering the +/- 880,000 acres of the world-renown Jicarilla Apache Reservation, this +/- 308 acre family holding is being released to the market for the first time. "As of the 2019 controlled-hunt draw, resident "Rocky Mountain elk are predominantly found in eastern Washington, and OTC hunters are restricted to spike- and 'true' spike-only bull opportunity in units. If you choose to use us as your Elk hunting outfitter, you will be hunting in Rifle units 16/17/171 (archery is a state wide over the counter tag, so no unit is assigned) located in historic Jackson County, CO. Elk hunting units Colorado. A robust and durable Trophy Elk Units In Colorado will serve you for months and years to come. Cedar City, UT 84721. By dubaikhalifas On Nov 27, 2021. • Private land elk, deer self hunts Includes a trespass. Colorado Unit 20 Trophy Bull Elk Hunts. Fully Guided or Self-Guided Hunting. 1st Rifle Oct 13-17 Self Guided , $1900 Up to 6 hunters. Trophy Potential. Part of our operations are conducted on Pikes Peak Ranger Districts. com takes a look at the structure of Colorado Elk Hunting, and how to find units that will get you away from the crowds and into. Located in far western Colorado along the Utah border, this unit offers the potential for good elk hunting. South East Colorado. Total price $12,000 This includes voucher which is $7,000 ( it normally takes 20. View Harvest Reports, Draw Odds, Preference Points, Regulations, Elevation, Maps, Vegetation Analysis, really anything pertaining to hunting Elk this fall! Plus you can go 'Premium' and get 5 year stats and access to premium content. We welcome rifle, archery and muzzleloader hunters. Details: Unit 40 in Western Colorado is one of a select few units in the state managed to produce "trophy" bull elk. These are the units in Colorado where the most elk are harvested and. Seeing herds of more than 100 elk has never been a problem on this ranch. Colorado Hunter Services: Elk,Mule Deer,Antelope & Bear Prime ( Do-It-Yourself) hunting in Units 4,5 & 301, Private Ranches Please call 1-803-730-4176 for pricing and additional info on all properties. Licenses must be applied for in late March or early April. Colorado Trophy Elk Hunt. Gross 200 or over: $2,000. Ask any DOW (Division of Wildlife) officer and they will tell you that if you want a chance at a 350+ BC bull elk, put in for area 2 or 201. This region is comprised of over a million acres and holds one of the strongest elk migration routs in the state of. Our Colorado elk hunting guides are pack-in horseback hunts conducted in the Colorado wilderness areas of Unit 481 and Unit 49 near Buena. I'm not a trophy hunter (hence the cow tags) but I do like solitude. Trophy deer and elk in Northwest Colorado. A young hunter with his heavy trophy Colorado Mule deer The hunting grounds Hunter capacity is being doubled (to 48 available hunts) for the 2016 season on fully guided hunts for Elk, Mule Deer and Black Bear on over 20,000 acres of private land and over 40,000 acres on BLM permitted leased land in GMU’s 11, 22, and 23. Exceptional typical antlered bulls. Every national forest has elk, and herds are also present on mountain ranges and desert areas administered by the Bureau of Land Management. I included harvest data from 23 units instead of 20 because half (52. Ripple Creek Lodge’s drop camps are located deep into the White River National Forest and the Flat Tops Wilderness Area of northwest Colorado. no cold wall tents! hunting terrain for most abilities. Bull elk, cow elk and mule deer licenses are by draw or we can put you in touch with unit 61 landowners to purchase a voucher from. No motorized transportation is allowed in wilderness areas. Our outfitter secures landowner tags and that cost. West Elk Outfitters offers some of the best elk hunting in the state that takes place in the famous units 2 and 201. Welcome to Go Trophy Class Outfitters A 4th generation rancher, Mike Lawson has been outfitting since 1988, carrying on a proud family legacy. Elk range from mountainous wilderness areas to lowland deserts and plains and are plentiful on both public and private lands. Weather is a huge factor. This story originally ran in the 2021 No. 2022 Wilderness Drop Camp Information $2250 per Hunter $800 Deposit per hunter required to book hunt. Hiking into the snow on the first day of a Colorado elk hunt. Observer Fee is $400 / person. Choose from 11 Colorado ranches for Elk Hunting and Deer Hunting for 2021 Colorado Elk Hunting and Deer Hunting Leases in hunting units 4, 12, 15, 25, 26, 42, 65, and 211. WE ARE NOW BOOKING FOR 2022 AT BULL BASIN RANCH FOR TROPHY ELK HUNTS. *Unit 40 vouchers may be available upon request *All hunts 2 x 1 *1 x 1 hunts: $200/day extra Archery (7 days) Elk: $7,500 12 pts Deer: $4,500 2 pts Muzzle Loader (5 days) Elk: $7,500 18 pts Deer: $4,500 3 pts Rifle Hunts (5 days) 1st Season Elk: $7,500 23 pts 2nd Season Elk: $7,500 15 pts Deer: $4,500 1 pts. Colorado Unit 61 Elk Hunts Allout Guiding And Outfitting. Most of the Grasslands are in unit 135 and hunting harvest stats 2016. During periods when elk are vocal, we are on the move mornings and evenings trying to find and slip in on a bugling bull. Horses are available for hunters at $125 per day. Biologist are very optimistic about Colorado is better known for trophy mule deer bucks or the endless elk hunting opportunity than stellar antelope hunting, but do not overlook the. Learn More. Hunt #5090 Guided Rifle Elk/Deer Lodge 7000 Ac Private. With an estimated population of around 280,000, the elk are spread out over millions of acres of private and public land. 5/100) Area 100-1-Hunt area 100 is the core Wyoming top elk hunt, available again this year. From a private land hunt to National Forest and Backcountry hunts, we focus on providing our clients with the best opportunity for harvesting their trophy Elk. For total bull elk harvest, the top 23 OTC 2nd Rifle Season elk units ranged from an average of 169 to 69 elk harvested (left side Table 1). Browse a selection of elk hunting trips in Colorado. Unit 61 is hands down one of Colorado's most exciting units to hunt. Rifle hunts Starting At Only $2,095. All hunts require a drawing or the purchase of a landowner tag. Call 912-996-0398.

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